Welcome to wonderful world of tabsERP, a cutting-edge, web based Total Accounting and Business Solution management software catering to the needs of Commercial/ Government Organizations. It helps to streamline the accounting and associated processes ensuring easy transition to paperless, online accounting processing solution resulting in reduced manpower and efficient accounting processing. tabsERP Total Accounting and Business Solution helps you to streamline all aspects of the accounting processing system. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface; modules are integrated and can be customized for varying business needs, covering all aspects of accounting requirement across industries in India.

Here are some of the Features a business can discover through online accounting software :

No Codes

tabsERP does not require use of Codes at all. This increases operating speed as well as accuracy of accounting.

Work with Multiple Companies

IN tabsERP, you can work multiple companies with single group Key.

Traversing Through Various Financial Years

tabsERP, You can handle accounting of multiple consecutive fiscals. You can move back and forth between fiscals for data manipulation. Any change, say, addition, deletion or modification of transaction, will be reflected automatically into the books of subsequent fiscals.

Zooming In

Zooming from Balance Sheet/ Ledger account (or any other view screen):

  • to monthly summaries
  • to transaction details
  • to vouchers and back

Security Protection

tabsERP has two security systems to ensure that no unauthorized person tampers with your accounts. (Group Key, and Multi level password and Access Rights).

Account Groups

Grouping of accounts are permitted up to any level. This leads to easier Management of Information directly from accounts books & summaries.

Standard Narration

Narration of any length can be saved & recalled with every entry of a voucher in addition to one for the voucher.

Instant Report

All the reports in tabsERP are in pdf format and can be downloaded.

Depreciation Calculation

Depreciation is calculated as per Income Tax Act and Company Act. Balance Sheet depreciation schedule and depreciation voucher are also prepared.

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